Thursday, March 12, 2009

UNTLD workbook review

In the workbook UNTLD, it has suggested that we can trained our brains to have the ability to connect to the virtual world with the blink of an eye. So, for an individual to experience the full potential of the virtual world they need to fall asleep. And at the beginning of the workbook, it has mentioned about the idea of “having one’s mind downloaded into an IPod, or, achieve immortality in The Matrix or in a Sims Game.” If the technology in the future have the ability to download our mind into digital forms, when the earth has become a place not suitable for human habitation, this technology can help us to “stay alive” in a different way. Instead of having to fall asleep each time when we want to enter the virtual world, we can just transfer and download our mind and thinking into computers. Such a way, our physical body is no longer necessary and hence we will not be affected by the condition of the physical environment. By completely transfer ourselves to live in a virtual world may enable us to have unlimited experiences and unlimited life span. However, despite all these, it has taken away our sensory feelings.

The workbook also looked at the idea of using nanotechnology to create an artificial second skin covering the human body that can provide us with haptic feedback of our surroundings. Building on top of this idea, I’m interested in going into the research of embeding our senses in virtual world. ”Communication between people in the physical world happens on a much higher level.” This is because we have sensory feelings in physical world. If we can be able to communicate the same way in virtual world, which means we can feel, touch and smell, human living in a virtual world will have emotions as in the physical world.

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