Sunday, March 29, 2009

Project description

Name of my project - decode the experiences
key word - experience
description - My experiment look at how human in second life can decode and understand the story and meaning behind objects through smell.

My individual project is looking at the evolved sensors, focusing on smell.

our five senses allow us to understand and stay connect with the things around us. Of all our senses, smell is our most primal. Living organisms, our nature and environment, the things and objects around us, they all have stories behind them. However in physical world, we don’t have the ability to decode everyting that we come across. We smell the smells, we know what type of smell it is, like or dislike, familiar or not so familiar, but we can never have the ability to fully understand the information encoded in the smell, or what the smells is really suggesting, the story and meaning behind it. 2nd life has provide us a world with the ability to decode, digest and understand every single information encoded in the smell which is sturcture by binary codes, letting us to know the true meaning of it.

Therefore, what second life has contribute to us is the improvement in our smell sensory, enhance us with a more advance understanding of our nature and environment.

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