Wednesday, March 18, 2009

individual research - second life

My part of the research is on the stimulation of the 5 senses in 2nd life. The five senses allow us to have sensory feelings, which leave us with the memories of our experiences. Without sensory feelings, virtual world will merely be a world with no emotions. Because everything in the virtual world is so different from the physical world, senses becomes the key linking between the physical and the virtual.

Everything in the virtual world is structured by binary code, if we have the ability to control and develop these binary codes to our liking, we will have the ability to make things that are impossible to do in the physical world happens in the virtual world.

An apple will taste like an apple in the physical world, but smell and taste in the virtual world are structured by binary codes. These means in the virtual world, an apple can have the taste of an orange, or any taste that we want the apple to be. Therefore, experiences in the virtual world will be unique and personal for each individual.

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